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Design Tutorial series
SMST-17 Volumetric Methods series

About This Project

Nitinol Devices and Components was founded in 1991, and has always been a leader in design, development, and commercialization of nitinol materials, components, and medical devices. Now as part of Confluent Medical Technologies, we have expanded to include medical balloons, catheters, precision polymers, textiles, and world class manufacturing capabilities. Science, publication, outreach, and education have always been a priority for us, and you can find many of our papers at the reference library.

Nitinol Design Concepts is an open-source, creative-commons spin on that tradition. Each topic in this series includes tech-brief style articles, as indexed on the front page. All of the related design files, results, code, and data can be found in the nitinol-design-concepts GitHub repository. These materials may be used, shared, and remixed according to the terms of the Apache 2.0 License and Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 4.0 International license, as described in

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